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The Hunter / Farmer Diet Solution

RRP $17.95

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Americans are overweight, and they're getting heavier. Other than wanting to perform invasive surgical procedures, most doctors offer little help. Their advice is usually 'Eat less, exercise more,' which falls back on the outdated dogma of calories in/calories out. Medical research on dieting is confusing and often contradictory. Not only are most people unsure about which weight-loss plan is best, but their physicians are, too!

Fortunately, recent studies have shined a new light on the subject and may finally help us understand a successful way to diet. This research proves what many men and women have learned through trial and error: Some do better on a low-carb diet, and others do better on a low-fat diet. This is because some people have the metabolism of a Hunter, while others have the metabolism of a Farmer.

In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Mark Liponis, a leading expert in preventive and integrative medicine, will show you how to determine which type you are so that you can lose weight and improve your health at the same time.

Once you know your type, you'll be on the road to successful weight loss and greater health and well-being!

About the Author

Mark Liponis, M.D., is the Corporate Medical Director at Canyon Ranch Health Resorts and has been a practicing physician for more than 20 years, including extensive experience in emergency departments and critical care units. The co-author of the New York Times bestseller UltraPrevention and the author of UltraLongevity, Dr. Liponis is internationally recognized as a leading expert in preventive and integrative medicine.

Aquifer Test Solutions 2016

RRP $381.99

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This book, designed as a handbook, provides a systematic treatment of analytical solutions describing groundwater flow during aquifer tests. The book integrates the majority of known solutions from well hydraulics and subsurface flow theory, starting with pioneering work from the early 20th century up to the most recent publications in scientific journals. The book includes about 300 transient solutions covering a wide range of aquifer test scenarios and hydrogeological conditions. All the solutions have been thoroughly tested and implemented in the multifunctional ANSDIMAT software. The book comprises three parts and is supplemented by appendices.

The first part of the book is dedicated to basic analytical relationships referring to pumping tests with constant discharge rate. Conceptual models describe confined, unconfined, confined-unconfined, inhomogeneous, and fracture-porous aquifers, as well as leaky aquifers and multi-layer aquifer systems. Complicating factors such as flow boundaries, aquifer anisotropy, non-uniform aquifer thickness, partial well penetration, wellbore storage and skin, the effect of capillary forces are also considered.

The second part focuses on complex pumping test settings and well system configurations. Analytical solutions are presented for pumping from a horizontal or inclined well, constant-head tests, multi-well variable-discharge tests, simultaneous pumping from adjacent aquifers and dipole flow tests. Detailed descriptions are given for slug and recovery tests.

The third part of the book contains algorithms for evaluating hydraulic characteristics using analytical and graphical methods, and is supplemented by the ANSDIMAT tool. This software includes solutions for some practical engineering-hydrogeological problems, in particular, the assessment of aquifer characteristics by data on groundwater level monitoring and the evaluation of water inflow into open pits.

The book is supplemented with appendices in which hydrogeologists can find a vast body of useful information including mathematical descriptions of the majority of analytical functions used in the book, their plots and possible approximations.


The book is useful for hydrogeologists (students, engineers and researchers) engaged in groundwater flow studies, aquifer test analysis, environmental geologists and civil engineers. Experts in water flow numerical modeling and programmers developing software for aquifer tests will find valuable information in this book, which can also be used for educational and research purposes.

Numerical Solutions Of The N-body Problem

RRP $84.95

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Approach your problem from the right It isn't that they can't see end and begin with the answers. the solution. Then one day, perhaps you will find It is that they can't see the the final question. problem. G.K. Chesterton. The Scandal The Hermit Clad in Crane Feathers in of Father Brown The Point of R. van Gulik's The Chinese Maze Murders. a Pin. Growing specialization and diversification have brought a host of monographs and textbooks on increasingly specialized topics. However, the "tree" of knowledge of mathematics and related fields does not grow only by putting forth new brancheq. It also happens, quite often in fact, that branches which were thought to be completely disparate are suddenly seen to be related. Further, the kind and level of sophistication of mathematics applied in various sciences has changed drastically in recent years: measure theory is used (non-trivially) in regional and theoretical economics, algebraic geometry interacts with physics; the Minkowsky lemma, coding theory and the structure of water meet one another in packing and covering theory; quantum fields, crystal defects and mathematical programming profit from homotopy theory; Lie algebras are relevant to filtering; and prediction and electrical engineering can use Stein spaces. And in addition to this there are such new emerging subdisci- fI plines as "experimental mathematics", "CFD , "completely integrable systems", "chaos, synergetics and large-scale order", which are almost impossible to fit into the existing classification schemes.

Strategic Corporate Alliances

RRP $256.99

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In a timely and important contribution to the management literature, Louis Nevaer and Steven Deck take a careful, critical look at the various forms of corporate restructurings prevalent today-alliances, mergers, and acquisitions-and at their long-term implications for the structure of corporate America. Taking issue with those who see the takeover frenzy as revitalizing American industry, the authors argue that instead the takeover business is weakening American industry and accelerating America's decline in the global economy. They analyze the opportunity costs being incurred by both individual firms and the entire nation through the wave of takeover activity in the 1980s, demonstrating that the large debts taken on by corporate America to either finance or fend off takeovers has hampered America's ability to compete effectively in world markets. The authors then identify the essential criteria for a truly successful alliance, merger, or acquisition and suggest models for such restructurings in the future. Divided into five principal sections, the volume begins by examining the failure of current alliance, merger, and acquisition strategies. The authors discuss the economic effects of restructurings on stakeholders and employees and look at the post-acquisition financial performance of the new corporate entities. The next three sections present in-depth analyses of alliances, mergers, and acquisitions. For each type of restructuring, the authors identify and assess the management strategies commonly pursued and offer extended case-study examples of failed and successful strategies. In the final section, the authors point the way toward more effective strategic alliances. They explore selection strategies that can help ensure a successful alliance, discuss the critical area of market planning, and offer a model for the future based upon the real-world alliance between Vulcan Materials and Calizas Industriales del Carmen. Investment bankers, corporate executives, and mergers and acquisitions specialists will find this a balanced and constructive critique of the process of corporate restructuring that is today such an integral feature of the contemporary business scene.

Famous Frog Sudoku 200 Very Hard Puzzles With Solutions

RRP $18.99

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Dan Croker has two obsessions - Sudoku and frogs. So he just had to combine his loves and make the Famous Frog Sudoku books. This Take a Break Series Book contains 200 very hard puzzles in a compact size, perfect to take to the coffee shop or cafe. There are 2 puzzles per page leaving room for notes. Featuring a fun and colorful cover that is sure to brighten your day. Solutions are given at the end of the book. More Famous Frog Sudoku series - Sharper Pencil Series, Bathroom Series, Brain Yoga, Beach Bum Series and Travel Series. Size: 5.5" wide by 8.5" high.


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