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The Impact Of International Debt Relief

RRP $488.99

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International debt relief continues to be a highly controversial subject. Although many heavily indebted poor countries have received large amounts of debt relief over the past quarter of a century, it doesn't appear to be enough. This book examines the impact of international debt relief efforts since 1990. It assesses whether the various debt relief modalities have enhanced economic growth in eight highly indebted countries in Latin America and Africa.

The book includes eight country studies, four from Latin America and four from Africa, a literature survey, econometric study and a study of the debt relief policies.

Showing that the basic weaknesses of the international aid and debt system revealed by the study have still not been solved, the author draws on her years of experience to suggest ways of moving forward.

Debt As Power

RRP $24.99

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Debt as power is a timely and innovative contribution to our understanding of one of the most prescient issues of our time: the explosion of debt across the global economy and related requirement of political leaders to pursue exponential growth to meet the demands of creditors and investors.

The book is distinctive in offering a historically sensitive and comprehensive analysis of debt as an interconnected and global phenomenon. Rather than focusing on the historical emergence of debt as a moral obligation, the authors argue that debt under capitalism can be conceived of as a technology of power, intimately tied up with the requirement for perpetual growth and the differential capitalization that benefits 'the 1%'.

Their account begins with the recognition that the histories of human communities and their natural environment are interconnected in complex spatial and hierarchical relations of power and to understand their development we need to not only examine the particularities of a given case, but more importantly their interconnected, interdependent and international relations. Since debt under capitalism is increasingly ubiquitous at all levels of society and economic growth is now the sole mantra of dominant political parties around the world, the authors argue that tracing the evolution and transformation of debt as a technology of power is crucial for understanding the 'present as history' and possible alternatives to our current trajectory

Creative Relief Easter

RRP $18.99

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Creative Relief Easter contains twenty seasonal and holiday images to color, including mandalas, symmetrical art, repeating patterns, and full-page art. Both Easter and spring images are included in this book help you welcome the fresh new season into your home in a variety of ways. Some pieces are cartoon style, while others are more realistic in order to meet your every spring whim. Bring out your colored pencils, crayons, gel pens or markers and celebrate Easter and the spring season your way!

dirty dishes double-dog-dares bad hair unfulfilling work frenemies no bacon taxes evil bosses family reunions prerequisite classes hippos in the river paperwork piles downtown traffic trolls pop quizzes alien abduction e-mail inboxes first dates homework the "check engine" light meetings with no agenda work-outs to-do lists zits mean people illness the kraken no parking electric bills the unknown future losing a game no wi-fi the first day of anything deadlines vomit flavored jelly beans

Stressful stuff is everywhere.

Get relief - Creative Relief!

Creative Relief coloring books are for kids, grown-ups and anyone else in need of coloring therapy. Even if you aren't stressed and just need a little color in your life, Creative Relief coloring books offer a variety of designs and images to color, ranging from simple open patterns to intricate and puzzling coloring challenges.

Features you get in Creative Relief coloring books:

A matte-finish cover to reduce visibility of exterior scratches and greasy fingerprints. Coloring frequently involves snacking. No judging.

A low page count per book and a creased cover make it easier to open the book flat for coloring.

White interior paper to let the true hue of the colors you choose fill the page. Baby pink shouldn't look like baby puke.

60# interior paper weight, not traditional coloring book pulp/newspaper. This provides a stronger surface for crayons and colored pencils. However, some markers and paint may bleed through.

Single-sided pages no pictures on the back and a blackened page back means no damage to the next piece of art from bleed through. This also allows for art to be removed (for framing, making paper airplanes, lining the bird cage, whatever) without missing-out on the next art piece.

No double page layouts and space from the interior binding so the whole picture can easily be colored.

A blank testing page specifically for testing your coloring mediums and hues before applying. No more test slashes and dots on the page of your art!

A bleed through page to use with mediums like markers and paint that may bleed.


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