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0% Apr Credit Cards: The High Interest Rate Solution

Over the past two years, the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates substantially. Consequently, credit card annual percentage rates have followed suit. Nearly all credit cards tie their interest rates to the prime rate, which has doubled to 8% from 4% during the string of rate hikes that began in 2004. This has led to interest rates on credit cards rising by 30% or more. Since August of 2006, the Federal Reserve has kept interest rates steady, and many economists believe the next move may be........ Read More

Low Rate Secured Loans Could Be The Solution To Your Needs

If you are self-employed or have in the past had, or are having, problems with your credit rating, then low rate secured loans quotes could be the solution to your needs. In general you are more likely to be approved for a secured loan than you are a personal loan if any of the above circumstances apply to you. The reason you are more likely to be approved for this type of loan is that you will be asked to put up your home as security against the amount you wish to borrow. By doing so you are........ Read More

Successful New You Resolutions In Ten Strategic Steps

Whether you are setting personal or business goals, the key to successful New Years Resolutions is to create a strategic plan. The following steps will guide you through the goal setting and achievement process. 1. Assess Your Starting Point: Take an accurate and detailed assessment of where you presently are relative to the goal you would like to achieve. 2. Consider Your Values: Goals based on your core principles and values will form a passionate attitude! 3. Dream: Go for areas that inspire........ Read More

Corporate Print Buying – Online Solutions

Compared to traditional methods, using 'simple to use' internet applications can deliver cost savings, reduce human error and enable faster delivery of products and services to all parties in the supply chain. For enterprises, marketing agencies and printing companies who need to streamline the print ordering process, web to print solutions are available on every level. In today's market place, you can choose from fully managed on-line print procurement systems to self hosted solutions that will........ Read More

Overseas Sourcing As Strategic Business Solution

Offshoring and outsourcing are the terms often misinterpreted to have the same meaning. But there is a slight demarcation between the two – The shifting of production, manufacturing or services to another country that offers better competitive advantages such as lower costs and fewer regulations is called Offshoring. The complete transfer of business is involved in Offshoring where the head office is present at the onshore region, but the offshore base is the production and development site. O........ Read More

Using Speech Recognition Software As A Corporate Solution

Over the years, companies have searched for many solutions that would help them keep up with emerging technology. During that time, there have been many software packages developed specifically for corporations that deal with a high volume of customers over a short period of time. That is one reason why speech recognition is now being used in a variety of settings to help customers obtain answers to questions, pay bills, and conduct numerous other business-related tasks that traditionally requ........ Read More

Can Yoga Provide A Solution To Soaring Crime Rates?

Crime and Yoga are not often two words that are used together in the same sentence, and that is part of the reason that they are combined in this article. When you think of a stereotypical criminal, someone who does Yoga just doesn't spring to mind. We think of criminals as being angry, or at least very active, while Yogi are seen as calm and sedentary. Really the two are so far apart that it's hard to consider that someone who regularly undertakes Yoga classes could ever become a crimina........ Read More


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Interest Rate Home Equity Rate Saver Low Interest
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Interest Rate Home Equity Rate Saver Low Interest
Debt Credit Cards Debt Relief Rate Solution

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