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Do You Qualify For A Low Interest Rate Credit Card?

Your credit rating is taken into consideration in just about any part of your personal life. From buying a house to getting insurance, your credit rating is important. By maintaining good credit, you can save money by getting lower rates on your home loan to a car loan. A good credit rating can even qualify you for a low interest rate credit card. When you look at new credit card offers today, the majority of them give you a 0% APR introductory period, which is extended from six months up to fi........ Read More

Lower Interest Rates May Offer Debt Relief

A bad credit history has a way of keeping you from getting an unsecured low-interest credit card. Unsecured credit cards, it would seem, are simply reserved for those with good credit ratings, not those who have experienced the need for debt relief. Credit Cards provide a sense of security when traveling and a substitution for cash that you don’t always have immediately on hand. A form of debt management if you will, only this time it comes with low interest rate cards which often also offe........ Read More

Bank Of Canada Announces A New Interest Rate Hike!

The Bank of Canada announces a new interest rate hike! The recent dollar gain of the Canadian dollar may not have been the worst thing for the Canadian economy or the best either. As the dollar hit a 30 year record high, closing just short of .94 cents USD, it has become bad news for home owners and also for the rapidly changing mortgage industry. Is there justice left in our economy, when the Bank of Canada reacts pre-empt by raising interest rates in order to fight and minimize inflation? ........ Read More

Getting The Best Interest Rates On Your Car Loan

Whenever you consider applying for a car loan, you immediately think about the amount of the monthly payments and the down payment. But, do you also think about the interest rates? You should because they can either save or cost you thousands of dollars. If you are planning to apply for a car loan, avoid applying for any other type of credit for a period of 6 months to a year. Each time that you apply for credit, it reduces your FICO score. And, if too many requests for credit are made within a........ Read More

Understanding What Are Interest Rates And How They Work

One form of interest familiar to most of us is on our credit card purchases. We are charged a monthly interest rate on our unpaid balances. If you spend $100, you will be charged interest each month for the portion of the original loan remaining. If you pay $20 on the loan in the first month, you will reduce the loan to $80. The next month, however, you will have to repay $80 plus the monthly interest. The Federal Reserve Bank sets the interest rates. These are raised when the economy is “h........ Read More

Credit Card Interest Rates - Apr

As you are most likely already aware that credit card interest rates can be very high with rates of 30% annually, depending on your credit history and credit card issuers are getting more and more diligent watching for late payments and over limits and may raise your interest rates and lower your credit limit because of it. The annual percentage rate (APR) is the interest rate you will pay if you carry over your balance from month to month, take out a cash advance, or transfer balances fr........ Read More

The Amortization Schedule And Interest Rates

Your amortization schedule is a break down of what you will pay in interest as well as in principal each month on your home’s purchase. Anyone that is purchasing a home through a mortgage should have this tool in front of them to help them to compare interest rates as well. You do not need to actually apply for a loan to get it either. In fact, you can easily use the schedule that you can get from many of the lender’s websites. It is called an amortization calculator and it is the key to fin........ Read More

Mortgage Interest Rates

The New Year gives a lot of hope to those who are interested in applying or refinancing a mortgage loan. With interest rates fallen on an average by 0.8% from last year, this is the best opportunity to think about mortgaging your house. The comparative rate last year was 7%, which now has been reduced to 6.2- 6.5 %. A survey conducted in the second week of January shows that the average interest rate for a 15-year fixed loan is 5.98% whereas that of the 30-year jumbo loans is 6.47%. This indi........ Read More

Get A Credit Card With A Low Interest Rate

Before you choose a credit card it would be wise to first find out the interest rates offered by all the credit card companies and banks. While you compare credit card companies and banks, take note of the ones with low interest rates and offer the best benefits. Don’t miss the fine print as that is where the most important information is usually given. Fine prints almost always specify the conditions applied on using their service. It is generally a wise decision to go with a credit card tha........ Read More

How To Keep Your Credit Card Interest Rate At 0%

We've all been tempted by 0% credit card interest rate offers. These offers are usually for short periods of three to 12 months and there are usually conditions attached. For example, the preferential rate may apply to balance transfers, but not to cash withdrawals. The low interest rate may not apply to credit card cheques or purchases either. People who are carrying a large debt will want to make the most of 0% interest rate offers. Here's how to keep your credit card interest rate at 0%. Re........ Read More

Interest Rate And The Loan

The interest rate of the loan that you purchase is a very important number. This number will tell you just how much you will be paying for your purchase in the long run. See, it is not just that you are borrowing $5000. You are borrowing $5000 with an interest rate figured in. This is a much higher number than originally thought, then. Yet, this is the cost of borrowing money. One thing is for sure, though, you can find the right choice for your needs by comparing the interest rates that are off........ Read More

Home Loan Interest Rate

A home loan is the security for the repayment of a debt, such as the one incurred upon the purchase of that home, whereas mortgage means a loan secured by a real property. In other words it is a loan on a property that has been taken as security by the lender against the loan. Home loan interest rate is the financial charge for availing the authorization of using the future capital. Sometimes this interest rate becomes one of the very important factors that you must think before applying for any........ Read More

Get Reasonable Interest Rates With Cheap Secured Loans

Interest rate on loans is a term which for a borrower is a determinant for deciding, which loan to take. There are various rates available in the market varying from lender to lender. Wrong choices of loan rate and you have to be ready to pay the damages in the form of large monthly installments. Cheap secured loans can be the best option for you to choose when looking for loans at cheaper rates. Cheap secured loans are comes at lower interest rates and easiest repayment terms and conditions i........ Read More

Best Interest Rate

These days it seems that all of us use some sort of bank; most often we will have a savings account along with our checking account. Mostly we have good intentions of leaving the money in the account to draw the interest we intended when the account was opened and gain profits, but if you’re like most of us, for one reason or another by the time the interest is to be paid, most of the money is gone by then. Of course we had every intention of this not being the case but it does happen ........ Read More

Home Equity Interest Rates

Home equity interest rates can be confusing for some people. In fact, if the wrong type of loan is taken out, homeowners can easily find themselves in financial trouble. With the current housing market mess, it is wise to understand how these interest rates work and how much they will cost you during the life of your loan. The good news is that interest rates are a very helpful tool when homeowners are shopping for home equity loans. Of the many terms that are associated with home equity loan........ Read More


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Interest Rate Home Equity Rate Saver Low Interest
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