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Three Tips For Holiday Shopping With Credit Cards

The holiday season is in full swing. As you join the ranks of Christmas shoppers, you’ll find plenty of ways to spend your hard-earned money. Using a credit card makes shopping easy; so easy, in fact, that many Americans will spend too much this month. Yet Christmas shopping does not have to lead to credit card debt. This year, you can take steps to avoid a gloomy credit card statement in January. Create a Budget Before you set out on a shopping spree, think about how much you plan to sp........ Read More

Bad Credit From Credit Cards

Those little pieces of plastic can sometimes get you into trouble. Sometimes nothing is easier than to take out your credit card and pay for that sweater or piece of furniture you have been eyeing for months. And who hasn’t been asked by the check-out person to sign up for a credit card in order to save 15 percent on their purchase. Credit card offers are everywhere; they come in the mail on almost a weekly basis. Many Americans have gotten themselves in credit trouble by the easy access to c........ Read More

Factors To Consider When Choosing Business Credit Cards

Most credit card companies have designed one or more credit card packages that enable small businesses to keep their personal and business accounts apart. These cards, known as business credit cards, are appealing to many small business owners. However, regardless of what these business credit cards may offer, there could be some pitfalls that you need to be on the lookout for. Carefully shopping for the right business credit card is a must, if you want to avoid being exposed to the negative asp........ Read More

Differentiating Between Credit Cards For College Students

Whether you are a college student or the parent of a college student, you may have started looking at various types of credit cards for college students. Having a credit card while in college is almost a necessity. Generally, college students do not have much money to spare since they are attending school. Therefore, they need to rely on their parent's financial support or they have to borrow money from a credit card while in school and then pay the borrowed money back later. To choose the r........ Read More

Business Credit Cards For Those With Bad Credit

Corporate executives and successful business owners, who have exemplary credit records, usually have no problem in obtaining business credit cards. The card companies that issue business credit cards are in a constant race against one another – competing to achieve poll position in a race aimed at securing the custom of these ‘elite’ business credit card holders. But then, what about those people whose credit records have suffered a few incapacitating knocks, leaving them in the bad deb........ Read More

How 0 Apr Credit Cards Can Help You Save Money

Transferring the balance you have from one credit card to another is an arduous task. However, card providers and banks made this procedure easy for their clients. This can be done by transferring the balance from one card to another. These fiscal establishments also give their clients 0% balance but only for a limited time. A number of credit card holders take advantage of this feature for a number of months, and even years now. The problem is there are card providers that noticed the ongoin........ Read More

Instant Approval Credit Cards – Are They Credit Builders?

Many people today have heard about the "instant approval" credit cards, but may not understand exactly what they are. Instant approval is the method used by banks and credit card companies to take your application and instantly make a decision based on data they get from your online credit report. It is different from traditional credit card applications because you are either approved or rejected as soon as your application is submitted. Instant approval is a method that is different from inst........ Read More

Are You Allow To Keep Your Credit Cards In A Bankruptcy?

Many bankruptcy filers are wondering whether they are entitled to keep one or several credit cards for emergencies backup. In general, you may not because your credit cards will be cancelled regardless, since you file the bankruptcy. The credit card issuers tend to punish their card holders for filling any kind of bankruptcy; in most cases, the credit cards of bankruptcy filers will be terminated once they file for a bankruptcy. But there are some exemptions where terms and conditions will be ap........ Read More

True 0% Apr Credit Cards: Do They Exist?

Because credit cards are now becoming more and more popular and competition among credit card institutions are getting stiff, credit card issuers are now finding ways to attract more potential clients to apply for their credit card. In fact, some credit card issuers even send emails and traditional postal mails to prospective clients in order to reach out to people and tell them about their credit card offers. This is a form of marketing strategy which is aimed to attract more potential credi........ Read More

0% Apr Credit Cards: A Tool To Eliminate Debt

It is interesting to note that what started off as a marketing gimmick has now become an almost permanent part of the credit card industry in America and today 0% APR credit cards can in fact play a significant role in helping a person reduce or get out of debt. What Is A 0% APR Credit Card? APR is the annual interest rate known in industry jargon as the Annual Percentage Rate. It is a reflection of the cost of credit. In the old days everybody paid a standard APR based on bank rates. It was u........ Read More

Credit Cards With An Annual Fee

Most credit card companies will offer a premium option for their credit card customers that will generally be a credit card that you will have the option of paying for. These credit cards will in most cases have a name such as a gold card or a platinum card and many customers will buy them simply for the prestige that they purport to offer. However, such cards will generally also offer genuine benefits to their customers such as reduced interest rates on your balance, a higher spending limit, be........ Read More

How Do They Make A Profit From Credit Cards

It is self-evident that credit card issuers (like in any other business) tend to get more and more clients. That’s why they constantly create new cards in order to satisfy various wishes. Responsible entrepreneur always worries about his or her consumers. But in fact it is all about making profit. Did you ever think how do they make this profit? If you are not aware of such matters, this information may be significant and helpful for you: As a rule, all credit companies (with no exception........ Read More

Cheap Credit Cards

Cheap credit cards come in many varieties. In addition, there are many factors a consumer needs to take into consideration when determining whether or not a credit card is truly cheap. The first factor most people consider when looking for cheap credit cards is its APR. The APR, or annual percentage rate, determines the amount of finance charges that will be added to the account if the balance is not paid in full at the end of each billing cycle. Therefore, the lower the APR, the less finance c........ Read More

Find Your Best Student Credit Cards

It is normal when college students getting a credit card. It has become a fall ritual. Parents should be vigilant in discussing the importance and responsibilities that go along with having a credit card before the students ever leave home. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a great idea that students have their own credit card when they go away to school, but it is extremely important that they get the right card and use it wisely. Everyone knows that the best student credit cards are the ones ........ Read More

Credit Cards Without A Bank Account

Having a credit card is a great thing indeed, although most are hard to obtain for those who have a less than perfect credit history. The restrictions for getting most credit cards are so tough that those who have bad credit may find it nearly impossible to get a credit card, or they find themselves hit with extremely high APR rates, and find it hard to compete with the interest. For those who have less than perfect credit or no bank account, there is hope. There are credit cards known as........ Read More


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