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What Are Gold Credit Cards?

Gold credit cards are special privilege cards that are traditionally offered by credit card companies either to high earners or to their loyal customers who have a good credit history. Traditionally they are considered to be status symbol because they are associated with high annual income, which offer added services and benefits. Gold credit cards are beneficial if you are a high spender seeking associated benefits such as free air miles, cash back, reward points etc. These credit cards give y........ Read More

Credit Cards For Christmas Joy

Sometimes I think that they should not be called credit cards. I think that more appropriate nomenclature would be convenience cards or lifestyle cards. Because credit cards do tend to have a lifestyle altering effect. Without doubt credit cards come in handy at times when you have to suddenly expend above average money. That is where a common application of credit cards is in the form of Christmas shopping. When you are trying to spread that holiday cheer, it sure helps when you have a line ........ Read More

Cash It Back With Credit Cards

What is a cash back credit card? A cash back credit card gives annual rebates or gives back money to the card holder based on how much have been purchased with it. This type of credit card is suitable for those who rarely use cash in their transactions. The rebate is computed as a percentage of the total amount charged to the credit card in a year. Usually, rebates are between 1-2%. Some can even go as high as 3%. Are rebates always in the form of cash? Strictly speaking, cash rebates shou........ Read More

Are Cash Back Credit Cards A Good Thing?

Receiving cash back offers always gets people interested. Especially if it means that you can make purchases with your credit card and getting cash back. It's like getting paid to shop, and is irresistible. But can this be? Actually there are credit cards where you get some cash back, but its usually something between 1% and 3%. This doesn't sound like a lot, but most people won't care how much it is as long as its free. This is a promotional gimmick designed to attract more customers and ........ Read More

Credit Cards Abroad – How To Save On Charges

One of the huge advantages of credit cards, and one of the many reasons they continue to grow in popularity, is the easy access they offer when travelling abroad. Not only can they be used with ease to book hotels or pay for car rentals, but they can also be used at cash machines around the world for instant and safe access to local currencies. They are also far safer than carrying cash, which can be stolen no matter where in the world you are travelling, and more convenient than travellers cheq........ Read More

What Are Platinum Credit Cards?

Platinum credit cards are generally offered to those individuals with good credit ratings and an income of around £20,000 per annum or more. Platinum credit cards have many benefits and features compared to a standard or gold credit card. Conventional school of thought would find platinum credit cards to be a status symbol. However, relaxed rules and upper limits have brought them within reach of the average person too. A platinum credit card can be a good choice if you frequently use credit........ Read More

The Truth About Secured Credit Cards

Credit cards are everywhere and are needed for so many different things, especially with our increasing technology; such as the internet. With the internet available, without a credit card you could not making reservations, shop online or even pay certain bills online. But, what about those without perfect credit or no credit all? What kind of credit card can you get? The answer to this is a secured credit card. Secured credit cards are cards where you have to pay an annual fee, but also put........ Read More

Compare And Select The Best Credit Cards

Credit cards are more like necessities nowadays. Through the well-designed and attractive plastic cards, you can do almost all paying transactions. You could pay your utility bills, pay your shopping bills and order online good using the reliable cards. People have been enjoying cashless transactions for some time now. Instead of bringing cash when going to buy something, people need not go to ATM machines to withdraw money. There is no need to fill wallets with money bills. You could easi........ Read More

Low Interest Rate Credit Cards: Start Saving Today

If you carry an outstanding balance on your credit card, you’re not alone. Nearly 70% of Americans keep a balance on one of their credit cards from month to month. And many of these cards have sky-high rates, which add up to hefty amounts in interest expense. By switching to a low interest rate credit card, you can save hundreds of dollars in interest. Starting with great introductory offers, low interest rate credit cards help you get back on track while enjoying the benefits of a credit card........ Read More

Charity Credit Cards - A Good Deal?

Charity credit cards have become increasingly popular over recent years, as people seek to support their favourite charities at seemingly no extra cost to themselves. When you take out one of these cards, a one-off donation of a few dollars is made by the card issuer to the charity linked to the card, followed up by a small percentage of everything you spend, again donated by the card company rather than the cardholder. Cards are available covering a huge range of charitable organisations, fr........ Read More

How To Find The Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Finding the best balance transfer credit cards is not as difficult as you might think. In fact, there are a number of balance transfer credit cards to select from, making the most difficult part deciding which one of the great deals you should take advantage of. Balance Transfer Credit Card Interest Rates Since you are looking for a card to transfer your current balances to, you most likely do not intend to pay the balance off in full at the end of the billing cycle. Therefore, you want a ca........ Read More

The “bad Credit Card” That May Do Good: Secured Cards

There are thousands of different credits cards in circulation. And millions of people the world over use them. Unfortunately, not everyone uses their credit card sensibly, though, as many of these same people find they have made expensive mistakes in how they handle their cards. No doubt you can locate quite a few credit card users who are convinced that plastic money is dangerous. However most of these people have simply consistently overspent and ended in debt. Responsible use of a credit c........ Read More

Credit Cards - Can You Live Without Them?

Credit Cards - Can You Really Live Without Them? In 2007, having a credit card is no longer a luxury or even a convenience - it's a necessity. You can't rent a car, check into a motel, or order online without a credit card. If you want a cell phone, you'll probably have to purchase prepaid minutes - at a premium - unless you have some plastic with your name on it. And without a credit card, you either have to carry around a lot of cash, make frequent trips to the bank, or hope that the stores........ Read More

Ideal Offers For Credit Cards

With many people, looking for the best credit is a very tough task. Even though there really is no “best” credit card, there are credit cards out there that are the best for you. There are many different types of credit cards available, some that may be for you and some that won’t. With so many to choose from, it can be tough finding your ideal credit card. No matter type of lifestyle you have, how much money you are looking to spend, or how you plan to use your credit card, the one ........ Read More

Credit Cards And Scams

Advance Fee Credit Cards Some companies promise to get you a credit card no matter how bad your credit is. Here’s what can happen if you pay them the $200 or more they usually ask for: You receive a credit card that’s only good for over-priced merchandise from their catalog. You get applications for secured credit cards. A secured credit card offer requires you to deposit $500 in a bank account to receive a credit card with a $500 limit. You receive nothing at all. Se........ Read More


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