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What You Should Know About Airline Miles Credit Cards

Some of the things that you should know about airline miles credit cards may be a little surprising and they may not be to you. One thing that you should know about the airline miles credit cards is that you are going to more than likely need to pay an annual fee to receive the airline miles credit cards. There may be some credit card companies that will not charge you the annual fee if you are using your credit card to purchase your airline tickets. One of the disadvantages of the airline mi........ Read More

Bank Of America Credit Cards: A Look At The Top 3

You probably know Bank of America from its commercials on better banking. They are one of the major players in commercial banking and lending. Well, you know you can enjoy their “Higher Standards” through a variety of products, including mortgages and checking/savings accounts, but did you know they have an uncommonly large pool of credit card options? “B of A” is one of the countries top credit card providers, and their Higher Standards certainly extends to this product line as well. Th........ Read More

Growing Up With Credit Cards

In today’s technological era, it’s easy to pull out your credit card, swipe, and walk away. In fact, this is what the young American college crowd is growing up with is credit cards. If you remember only a few years ago, a lot of places weren’t too friendly with credit cards. In fact, you could walk into just about any fast food place and they wouldn’t accept a credit card at all! Credit cards are great for people on the go and for people who don’t like to carry cash. As you may kno........ Read More

Advantages Of Switching Credit Cards

Switching credit cards is an everyday part of life now whether it is taking advantage of the introductory offers or simply deciding that your existing credit card account is old and you are looking for a newer better credit card deal than you have already. If you choose your new credit card wisely the advantages could prove beneficial to you. Here we are going to look at some of the advantages of switching your credit card and how it may benefit you. Lower APR Finding a credit card wit........ Read More

Are We Underestimating What We Spend On Credit Cards?

An investigation organized by Egg says consumers have greatly underestimated the amount that credit cards are used throughout the United Kingdom, what this means is consumers are spending a lot more than they think. The investigation revealed that when consumers thought they had spent was £236billion was in fact £437 billion, some difference! How come there is such a big difference? Well most of us usually pay for everything with the plastic card and find it hard to keep track of wha........ Read More

Credit Ratings And Credit Cards

Credit ratings or credit score are the records of a person's spending pattern regarding credit cards and the repayment modes. Financial institutions, especially the credit card companies and the moneylenders, keep track of the credit statements of clients, their payment records and any delay/inability of repayment and the interests being paid due to late repayment of the credit. Ways To Boost Your Credit Rating Credit card being a source of the ratings, it becomes necessary not only to use yo........ Read More

Understanding Cash Back Credit Cards

Today, one of the most popular type of reward cards are those that offer cash back with every single purchase made using that credit card. Even though there are several different credit cards available offering rewards, most often in today's world, cash back is the most popular. In fact, credit card holders all over the world hold a preference over cash back when compared to other reward types. Other reward credit cards include points and air miles; however, cash back is top priority for many........ Read More

What Do The Numbers Indicate On Credit Cards?

Ever wondered what the numbers on your cards indicate? Well you might have written them down at several points, either as reference or as a security measure in case of theft, but did you ever sit down to think what they might mean? Here’s the answer. The first number on your credit card denotes the system of the card. Is it a visa, master, or entertainment card? If the number is 3, it means it could be an American Express or Diners Club card or any other entertainment or travel card. Whereas ........ Read More

Traveling With Credit Cards: What You Need To Know

As you make travel plans this summer, be sure to pack the plastic. Credit cards are a convenient tool to finance your trip. To make the most of them, it’s best to keep a few factors in mind. Here’s what you need to know before you go. Plan Ahead As you prepare for the trip, take a look at the credit cards you have. If you plan to travel abroad, consider carrying cards that are widely accepted, such as Visa or MasterCard. Taking along two credit cards is wise; this way, if one of the car........ Read More

Compare The Best Reward Credit Cards

Best reward credit cards are today sought after by many individuals for the benefits that they offer to their customers. Best reward credit cards are also known as reward credit cards in short. Some of the best reward credit cards are offered by companies like Visa, American Express, Citibank, and Discover. All the cards come with their own benefits and conditions of carrying on transactions with the card and so the customer should check out the features of each card before selecting the best ........ Read More

Airline Rewards Credit Cards: Choosing The Best Card

If flying to exotic destinations or traveling across the country on your favorite airline is something you want to do, you can get free trips with an airline rewards credit card. That’s right, by selecting the right credit card you can quickly accumulate enough points to take that well deserved vacation to the Virgin Islands or hop on a plane to visit friends in Dallas, San Francisco, New York or just about any U.S. city. Airline rewards credit cards are all the rage. Are you on your way to ac........ Read More

Pros And Cons Of Store Credit Cards

In 1958, a department store chain based in small suburb of Dallas, Texas issued a credit card that afforded users a great discount on products bought from their stores using the card. Ever since J.C. Penney started that trend, many other department store chains have followed suit, realizing the potential profits of this. With discounts of up to 15%, store credit cards can be hard to resist. This can especially be true during holiday seasons such as Christmas when discounts can mean a whole l........ Read More

Credit Cards Without A Bank Account

Having a credit card is a great thing indeed, although most are hard to obtain for those who have a less than perfect credit history. The restrictions for getting most credit cards are so tough that those who have bad credit may find it nearly impossible to get a credit card, or they find themselves hit with extremely high APR rates, and find it hard to compete with the interest. For those who have less than perfect credit or no bank account, there is hope. There are credit cards known as........ Read More

How Find The Best Student Credit Cards

If your son or daughter is in college or planning to attend college in the near future, it might be a good idea to sit and talk about student credit cards before they leave. This talk may be one of the most beneficial and useful talks that you can have with them as they become young adults. The main topic of this talk should be centered on the high degree of probability that your child will receive numerous offerings for credit cards while they are at school. Credit card issuers have long kno........ Read More

Credit Cards: An Unnecessary Evil

Why are we in debt? Why is a majority of all people living with debt beyond their means? We all have debt, this seems to be the nature of life, but why is it that our debt at least equals or exceeds what we can afford? It is really quite simple. This is what the credit card companies allow, this is what they want and this is how they make it rich. The worst part is that they love for us to fall behind. Everybody likes to get paid on time, but your creditors actually prefer the opposite........ Read More


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