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The Disadvantages Of Student Credit Cards

Traditionally there have been two groups of people who have always found it very difficult to get access to credit cards. These two groups are listed below: · People with no, or very little income · People with negative credit histories These two groups would have found it next to impossible to get approved for credit cards in the past. However, nowadays it is becoming easier and easier to get your hands on a credit card and accordingly, these groups are finding it easier to get access to cr........ Read More

Bad Credit From Credit Cards

Those little pieces of plastic can sometimes get you into trouble. Sometimes nothing is easier than to take out your credit card and pay for that sweater or piece of furniture you have been eyeing for months. And who hasn’t been asked by the check-out person to sign up for a credit card in order to save 15 percent on their purchase. Credit card offers are everywhere; they come in the mail on almost a weekly basis. Many Americans have gotten themselves in credit trouble by the easy access to c........ Read More

Five Things You Need To Know About Student Credit Cards

Ready to build your credit history? Probably your first foray into this kind of adventure is through your very own student credit card. But before you sign that application form, here are five things you need to know: 1. They come to you. If you still do not have a student credit card, don't worry. Credit card companies will come to you and if you're currently enrolled, they will find you. Many of them even visit school campuses and actively offer their credit card services to students ........ Read More

The Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards

What is the concept of a balance transfer credit card? To put it simply, making 0% interest balance transfers from one credit card to another is a great way of answering the age-old conundrum: how to have your cake and eat it too. You have nothing to lose — but to gain you have a bundle of money that could have disappeared while you paid high interests on purchases and loans you’ve made on your current credit card(s). Sounds like an interesting proposition? It most certainly is! Balance tran........ Read More

The Need For Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit

Are you one of many people that needs to find a company that is offering credit cards for bad credit? There are many reasons your credit rating may fail. Unexpected loss of a job, illness, mismanagement of your credit all can lower your rating. Even if it’s just a month or two of delays, it’s a delinquency that will bring your credit rating down. Even something that is not of your doing like identity theft, can make a mess of your credit. It is a period of time that you might have to lo........ Read More

Credit Cards Let You Spend More Than You Make

Two minus four equals trouble when you are talking your budget. If you spend more money than you make, you will have money problems. The problem is that you usually don't realize what you've done until it is too late. It's hard enough to keep track of checking account spending, but add credit cards, and spending can get out of hand. How many times have you used your credit cards to buy clothes, impulse items or even groceries, and said you'll pay it back? But at the end of the month, you have........ Read More

Bad Credit Credit Cards - Prepaid, Secured, Or Unsecured

Bad credit, credit cards are just like regular credit cards but with much higher interest rates and usually an annual fee, sometimes $50 a year and higher. Bad credit, credit cards can save your credit or make it worse if your not careful. Bad credit cards with guaranteed approval are available, but usually these types of bad credit cards charge twice the amount in fees and interest rates. The average consumer needs to be sure they are mentally and financially able to take the responsibility ........ Read More

Balance Transfer Credit Cards - Why Switch Cards?

In recent years, credit cards have become a major component of everybody’s life. It started as a convenient spending tool but now it has become a reasonable way to gain access to much needed credit in the form of cash and loans. Keeping a balance on a credit card account is today a very common thing and interest rates are a dominant factor in peoples’ daily finance. As newer credit cards are issued every year, a balance transfer between credit cards is a common way for many to reduce the........ Read More

Credit Ratings And Credit Cards

Credit ratings or credit score are the records of a person's spending pattern regarding credit cards and the repayment modes. Financial institutions, especially the credit card companies and the moneylenders, keep track of the credit statements of clients, their payment records and any delay/inability of repayment and the interests being paid due to late repayment of the credit. Ways To Boost Your Credit Rating Credit card being a source of the ratings, it becomes necessary not only to use yo........ Read More

The Most Beneficial Features Of Low Interest Credit Cards

If you’re seriously interested in knowing about low interest credit cards, you will need to read this article. This informative article takes a closer look at things you need to know about low interest credit cards. If you don't have accurate details regarding low interest credit cards, then you might make a bad choice. Don't let that happen: keep reading. The most beneficial feature of low interest credit cards is the popular zero introductory interest rate that can last up to 12 months. T........ Read More

Credit Cards And Divorce

If you’ve recently divorced or are going through a divorce, one of the important issues that you should settle is how any joint debts are to be handled. This includes mortgages on a jointly owned home and any joint credit cards that you have. You also need to be aware of how failure to pay those debts on time will affect your credit rating – even if your divorce decree states that you are not the party responsible. There are two kinds of credit card accounts – individual and joint – and........ Read More

Cash Back Credit Cards Where Is The Money?

When considering a reward credit card, most people prefer to get a cash back credit card. This is because, cash back credit cards provide more options and flexibility for the card holder. While not everyone frequently travels and not everyone drives his own car, cash back cards have become more popular than Frequent Flyer Miles credit cards and Gas Rewards credit cards. Cash back credit cards give card holders their incentive in terms of cash or money points. Each time the card holder makes ........ Read More

Things You Should Know About Low Interest Credit Cards

Anyone who shops for a credit card wants the lowest interest rates available. Who doesn’t want the best deal? For many of us, the magic figure naturally is a zero percent, although we fail to notice the fine print that comes with every approved credit card application. A zero percent is an excellent rate and you can't go lower than that. The only catch is that this interest rate isn’t fixed and usually lasts from about six months to one year. After that, the interest rates hike up. Once t........ Read More

Choosing The Best Low Interest Rate Credit Cards

In the age of plastic money, everyone is trying to cash in on the best credits provided by banks – which makes credit cards a buzzword today. But the interest rates on these credit cards make people wary of using them. It is therefore, very important to find low interest credit cards. There are various options available in the market and we will help you choose low interest rate credit cards and cheap credit cards. Low Interest Credit Cards With banks heavily commercializing the credit card,........ Read More

How Find The Best Student Credit Cards

If your son or daughter is in college or planning to attend college in the near future, it might be a good idea to sit and talk about student credit cards before they leave. This talk may be one of the most beneficial and useful talks that you can have with them as they become young adults. The main topic of this talk should be centered on the high degree of probability that your child will receive numerous offerings for credit cards while they are at school. Credit card issuers have long kno........ Read More


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